General Policies

Tuition Payment All tuition is due the first lesson of each month. Tuition will remain the same during a 3 or 5 week month.

Missed classes may be made up in another class of similar age and level. Classes may only be made up during the month of which they are missed. Makeup classes may not be available during certain months due to preparations for our Annual Dance Extravaganza.

Parents picking up Children For safety reasons, younger students will be dismissed by the instructor. Please be patient while waiting in the studio for your child to be dismissed. Children will be dismissed a few at a time to a family member in the waiting room.

Costumes All costumes are ordered in early June. Costume orders are only placed for costumes paid in full at the time of ordering. No refunds are given once we have ordered costumes. (See tuition & fees for more information)

Attendance Training is progressive. Dancers cannot reach their full potential with excessive absences. Good attendance is especially important while we are teaching choreography (May & June) and again as we prepare for our recital (Sept & Oct). Please give the studio a quick call if your child is going to miss a class.

Inclement Weather SOSD will be using email as a first line of communication regarding cancellation of classes due to inclement weather. Please provide the studio with a valid email address immediately
We also use rained out and Facebook to alert parents of any cancelled classes. Sign up for both below:

Information and Newsletters Studio and other information will be sent home with the dancers periodically. News and Information can be found posted on both the website and the bulletins at both school locations. Please check the studio and the website for current information.

Class Placement Students are carefully evaluated by our staff on an ongoing basis. Dancers are placed in classes according to age, experience, and ability.

Dress Code

To truly evaluate the technical progress of each student, proper attire is a must!!! FEMALE dancers must wear a leotard (preferably solid color or black) and tights to every class. ALL HAIR must be tied up off the face, neck, and shoulders. For safety sake please leave all jewelry at home.

MALE Dancers may wear gym shorts or sweatpants and a T-shirt with proper shoes to every class.

Note: Check with individual instructors for dance attire preferences.

Ballet FEMALE dancers must wear a leotard (preferably solid color or black) and tights to every class with ballet shoes.

Jazz Leotard and stirrup or footless tights (most classes go barefoot)

Tap Leotard and tights with Tap Shoes (check with instructor on color and style of shoe) Dancers may wear black shorts or black stretch pants over their tights.

Hip Hop Leotard and tights Dancers may wear a tank top and shorts over their dance clothes. Hip Hop sneakers are optional.

Acrobatics Dancers must wear a bodysuit and footless or stirrup tights (dancers go barefoot) Older dancers may be allowed to wear tight cotton shorts over their leotard and a tight tank top.
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