Our Dance Company

One Is Born To Be A Great Dancer — George Balanchine

We call ourselves a Dance Company, not a competition team, because it is all about education through conventions, workshops, guest teachers and performance opportunities.

Our Future Is Looking So Bright

A Thought

No two dancers are exactly the same. Dance is a very individual and focused activity. Each student progresses at their own rate and not the rate of their friends or neighbors. Every class is an opportunity for growth, no matter what the level or who is in the class. Two different dancers with the same training will not end up in the same place, but if they both love what they are doing …BRAVO!!

For some, dance may seem to come naturally, for others it may not. The talent that you were born with means much less than the effort you decide to put forth. Dancers must learn their strong points and weak points. It is up to the individual to become the dancer they want to be. As teachers, we can only share our knowledge and experience. Sometimes in life the one who struggles the most is the most successful in the end!!

Students from the Shannon O’Brien School of Dance are evaluated all season. Dancers are invited to join the Dance Company based on potential, progress, work ethic, attendance and other qualities. Please let an instructor know if you are interested in more information on the SOSD Dance Company.

Company Dancer Season

The dance season for Company Dancers is a little different from the recreational program. A Company Dancer’s commitment begins when we start learning choreography (Spring/Summer) and goes through the recital to the end of the last competition (usually July). The recital is the middle of the Company Dancer season. Every piece of choreography is carefully put together according to the talents, skills, and height of the individuals in that class. We expect all Company Dancers to stay and finish their commitment until the end of the last competition weekend.

Changing choreography or replacing a dancer is very disruptive to the whole group. This is difficult and not always possible.

The Commitment

Company Dancers are required to take a minimum amount of classes that will increase as the dancers mature.

All other extracurricular activities must come second to Company Classes.

Company Dancers are expected to attend 90% of their company classes and 100% of their Ballet classes. Ballet is the root of all dances!

Dancers who are frequently absent will fall behind and be asked to move to the recreational program.

Leaves of absences are not permitted. Training is progressive. Dancers who leave the Company will not be invited to dance in the same level class as when they left. Leaves of Absence for involuntary reasons such as medical or relocation will be handled on a case-by-case basis. All dancers are welcome to return to the recreational program.

All Company Dancers must adhere to the SOSD Student Code of Ethics.

All Company Dancer Parents must adhere to the SOSD Parent Code of Ethics.

Please ask for a copy if you have not received one.