How We Work

Here's why families love our season!

SOSD has a fall recital. Our families love that the timing of our annual recital does not conflict with the weddings, communions, proms, graduations, concerts, school functions and other busy May and June events.

How It Works
  • Season Opens the last week of October/first week of November.
  • Classes Run through June.
  • Dancers start to learn choreography for the recital in the Spring.
  • Studio closes for the first few weeks of July.
  • Optional 4 Week Summer Dance Program

Two Mandatory Weeks..1 week in July and 1 week in August we ask that all dancers come back to their classes (if they are not on vacation) to rehearse and review our material for the recital.

September-Classes resume after Labor Day and conclude with our Fabulous Recital in mid October.

Families of dancers love to come to a fall show, when they are not so busy with all of the other happening of Spring and Summer!!

It Works!